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iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Backlight Back Light Repair Kit [ IC, Diode, Coil ]


PRO3000S Programmer iPad 5 6 non-removal NAND Adapter Motherboard test fixture


1 (Qty: ONE) - 2.5" suction cup Pro-grade with integrated locking mechanism and pull handle Holds to smooth/flat surface. (cover your glass with smooth tape if cracked, to ensure adhesion) Works best with slight moisture on surface, for max adhesio


1610A3 ( 36 PIN) Charging Power IC 1610A3 (U2) Chip for iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus


610A3B (36 PIN) Charging Power IC 610A3B (U2) Chip for iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus


45 Degree 6mm 7mm 9mm Hot Air Gun Nozzle Heat Gun Rework Nozzle for Hot Air Soldering Station


U2402 Black Touch Screen IC For iPhone 6 / iphone 6 Plus IMPORTANT : This is not motherboard for your phone, its a small ic as soldered on motherboard. Please note this requires soldering and professional skills to fit on motherboard.


LED Lamp For LCD Flex Machine


A8 BGA Reballing Stencil Plant Tin Steel Net For IPhone 6 6 Plus


3D A9 BGA Reballing Stencil Plant Tin Steel Net For IPhone 6S 6S Plus

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