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Aixun Z13 4-in-1 Middle Layer positioning BGA Tin Planting Platform for iPhone 13 Series Features: Strong magnetic base, fast positioning, reducing rework High-precision steel mesh, laser drilling The tin point is uniform and full


Aixun FT12 3D Anti-skid Multi-Function Dual-Axis 3-Position Repair Fixture for Phone Motherboard Features: Double axis linkage, dislocation buckle Add a variety of chip positioning slots and component storage slots The thickened double-layer bottom plate


Aixun T420D 200W T210 / T115 High-precision Intelligent Double Soldering Station for PCB BGA Repair Features: Dual-channel smart soldering station, new high-efficiency welding system, high-speed heating, intelligent temperature control Intelligent ident


Aixun T245 Soldering Iron Handle C245 Solder Tip Phone SMD BGA Repair T420D Soldering Station Replacement Iron Kit


Aixun Removable Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Brush Features: 0.1mm cleaning brush, harmless to the soldering iron tip 360°cleaning from all possible angles, wipe off the oxide layer


Aixun T3BS T115 / T210 Version Precision Intelligent Soldering Station for Motherboard BGA Repair Features: Applicable to T115 / T210 handle, meet requirements for soldering with high power


Aixun H310D 1000W Segmented Intelligent Digital Display Hot Air Gun Desoldering Station Features: 3.5-inch IPS HD display screen, built-in smart operation system WiFi networking OTA upgrade, interconnecting through Bluetooth


Aixun DM21 5-528X 7-inch HD Display Digital Measurement Microscope with Multimeter Function Features: 7-inch LED super large screen display, clearer to take pictures and videos Mini HDMI video output, support external display device expansion


Aixun 2nd Gen Intelligent Grinder Machine for Chips Grinding and Motherboard CNC Polishing Features: AiXun 2nd-Gen chip grinding machine, grinding easily without burden, A4 paper size, high rotation, speed faster and efficient


AiXun 1.5M Efficient Tin Removal Soldering Wick for PCB Welding Repair - 10Pcs Features: Fluorine-free with less residue, good desoldering, and cleaning effect Strong absorption, and fast tinning, greatly reduce damage to circuit boards

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