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Features: 1.6 in 1 design, which can implant a plurality of chips. 2.These stencils were made of high quality stainless steel plate, the thickness of steel mesh is appropriate. 3.It adopted the special plump design which can avoid dissipation. 4.It


AMAOE Positioning plate for iPhone 6S/6SP 6-X Qualcomm 7/7P Qualcomm 8/8P/X Qualcomm 7/7P/8/8P Intel X638 baseband


Amao M80 Repair Pad Synthetic Stone Mat with IC Buckle Features: Integrated fast glue removal design, which can basically remove glue from all chips on mobile phones. Fast glue removal design, the buckle can be pushed up and down, and the chip is clamped


AMAOE Reballing Platform EMMC BGA153/BGA169/BGA162/BGA186/BGA221/BGA254 suit


Amaoe Nand Flash EMMC EMCP UFS BGA Reballing Stencil 0.15mm


AMAOE Tin planting station BGA Platform-IP12 4in1 middle level soldering station

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