TuoLi TL-15A Universal IC Glue Remove Fixture Double-Bearings Holder Motherboard Jig Feature: To control width, simple and efficient Anti-slip design, tin removal with no Swaying Precise card slot Fast positioning Non-slip/ultra-thin buckle non-blocking


MaAnt Headphone Battery Repair Alignment Fixing Fixture for AirPods G1 G2 AirPods Pro Features: High precision, Adopt high density oxidized aluminum alloy. High fit, no injury to the earphone


BST-102B Thermostat Soldering Iron 110V 220V 50Hz


1.An ideal tool for assembling and disassembling of high precision electronic products. 2.Built in torque adjustment devic. 3.It can also be used on glasses,clocks and watches. 4.Built in clutch to prevent screw damage.


NXP 1612A1 U6300 Power Manager Supply Hydra USB Charging IC for iPhone 8 8+ X


MC24S-B3 MECHANIC industrial grade large base microscope For Repair Mobiles and Laptop


MC75S-B3 Trinocular Stereo Mechanic Microscope 7X-45X or 14X-180X (large base)


MECHANIC repair four orientation base stereo microscope M24S-L1 high wide angle microscope MC24S-L1


Mechanic Multi Functional Screen Tester iTestX


RELIFE RL-403 183℃ solder paste (syringe)

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