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NXP 1612A1 U6300 Power Manager Supply Hydra USB Charging IC for iPhone 8 8+ X


1610A3 ( 36 PIN) Charging Power IC 1610A3 (U2) Chip for iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus


610A3B (36 PIN) Charging Power IC 610A3B (U2) Chip for iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus


U2402 Black Touch Screen IC For iPhone 6 / iphone 6 Plus IMPORTANT : This is not motherboard for your phone, its a small ic as soldered on motherboard. Please note this requires soldering and professional skills to fit on motherboard.


White Touch Screen IC for iPhone 6 Plus This is the replacement that most technicians can change to fix the issue. Professional and Matched tools are recommended.


U10 AD7149 fingerprint IC Home button return chip For iPhone 7 7 Plus


Wi-Fi IC 339S00045 for Apple iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9 Tablets


iPhone 6S Backlight ic U4020 + L4020 L4021 coil + D4020 D4021 diode + backlight capacitor C4023 C4021 + backlight filters


WTR3925 U_WTR_RF intermediate frequency if ic for iphone 6 /iphone 6 Plus


338S00105 Main Audio ic for iPhone 7G 7G Plus 6S Plus U3101 & U3500 Big Large Audio Chip Parts

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