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Cable for Nokia 3050/305 Fbus UFS/JAF®/HWK/Cyclone/ATF/MT-Box/Infinity Best/UB USB it's a additional Fbus USB wire for support above phones with Griffin Box, Twister FLasher, Cyclone Box, Tornado Box (UFS-2/UFS-3) and cloned Proidgy.


ATF/Cyclone/JAF/MXBOX HTI/UFS/Universal Box F-Bus/USB cable for Nokia 108 flashing, software repair, unlocking with JAF, UFS, Cyclone Box, Universal Box and Infinity Box servicing tools.


Combo UART Cable is a special GPG cable with uni pinout RJ45 UART connector and USB connector for servicing Samsung P1000, P6200, P8000. Compatibility The cable is compatible with uni pinout boxs like: Z3X Box UST SmartSamBox AsanSam Box


his cable was developed for Nokia 105 flashing, software repair, unlocking with JAF, UFS, Cyclone Box, Universal Box and other servicing tools ATF/Cyclone/JAF/MXBOX HTI/UFS/Universal Box F-Bus Cable for Nokia 105 - Supported Boxes


LUMIA TP CABLE SET 6 IN 1 (610, 800, 900, 510, 620, 710)


USB A-B Cable


This Micro SD cable was specially designed to work with special LG Tool Direct Unlock features that requires a powered Micro SD card.


China Android Boot Combo Cable lets you perform a series of servicing procedures with compatible Android mobile phones using Volcano Box.


FTDI adapter RJ45 to USB with COM emulation allows you to connect Unibox RJ45 cables (e.g. Octopus, z3x, Furious, Infinity, Micro-box, ect.) directly to USB with COM port emulation - for service purposes.


MBC Multi Boot Cable for Z3X/Octopus/Octoplus/UST boxes is a universal cable with a resistance switch for servicing LG and Samsung mobile phones. MBC cable works as a Download Mode Clip for Galaxy S phones.

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