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3D A10 BGA Reballing Stencil Plant Tin Steel Net For IPhone 7 7 Plus


3D A11 BGA Reballing Stencil Plant Tin Steel For IPhone 8 / IPhone 8 Plus / IPhone X


0.3mm copper soldering wire. It can be used to connect jump wire for computer and mobile phone motherboard repair.


Output: DC 0.2 - 24V / 0.2 - 3A Continuously adjustable, output can be maximum input voltage + 0.6V


White Touch Screen IC for iPhone 6 Plus This is the replacement that most technicians can change to fix the issue. Professional and Matched tools are recommended.

Quantity Price
1-3 $2.58
10- infinity $1.58

Hand Tools


Kaisi Original 900M-T-I Oxygen-free Copper Soldering Iron Tip For Solder Station Tools Iron Tips ( 5pcs set )


Adjustable Rubber LCD Screen Clip Fixture


U10 AD7149 fingerprint IC Home button return chip For iPhone 7 7 Plus


T12-11 Digital Lead free Soldering Station

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