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Flayy Sim Mini 7 (support ios 5-12.1.2)

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Flayy sim mini 7 no need for settings, supports all 4G+, big IC, best PCB, good signal.

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Flayy sim mini 7 no need for settings, supports all 4G+, big IC, best PCB, good signal.

FlayySIM mini--it is updatable and is one of the most powerful sim in the world.

It supports iOS (5 - 12.1.2).

All Carrier Support in one upgradable.

It has a thickness of 0.15 mm.

No jaibreak is needed and fully upgradable.

Comes with plug and play installation.

No need for Sim cut or special sim tray.

No hardware alteration or modification is required. Power consumption is the lowest ever.

Big news ,after 1 year hard work by FLAYY SIM TEAM ,4G really come FLAYY SIM MINI 7 SIM card this time bypasses restrictions of the activation of the server during the first time activation process so as to get a network license, leading to a same use effect without network lock. If the Apple server vulnerabilities are fixed afterwards, there will be no worries and users who get the activated network licenses are expected to use their phones normally as before without being locked, as long as they can keep the network licenses and do no Pc updation or recovery (can be an OTA upgrading system), no chaning simcards, and no erasing for phones. This is very similar to the black solution (loopholes are not repaired, then not subject to these restrictions). FLAYY SIM card uses the default "LTE4G + unlock" mode, instead, telecommunications 4G card can not use "LTE4G + unlock" mode.

If you misuse the telecommunications card activation, you can use the following methods to solve:

1. Dial "* 5005 * 7672 * 0 #" on the dial pad.

2. Click on the mobile operator button. No matter what card it is , click on "GSM. Mobile, Unicom 2G unlock", then choose "accept".

3. Remove the card with the sim card, and then insert together.

4. The phone will turn out to have an activated interface.

5. Go to the "Settings - Phone - sim card application and click on the unlock mode corresponding to your phone card. (Mobile Unicom click "LTE4G + unlock", telecommunications 4G card click "Telecom 4G card dedicated unlock")

6. Now everthing is ok.


Flayy Sim Mini 7
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