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Objective lens: 0.7X-4.5X continuously adjustable Eyepiece: ocular WF10X/20mm with high focus and wide field of view Nose: binocular stereo mirror tilted 45 degrees rotate 360 degrees Bracket: working distance 95mm Interpupillary distance range: 52mm-75mm


USB A-B Cable


FAST WIRESS CHARGER Product Information: INPUT : 9V. 67A/5v2A OUTPUT:10W


UV Glass Sceen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10plus S10lite Liquid Tempered Glass Lot 50 Pcs


Mobile Phone Repairing Lcd Screen Cable Bonding Lcd Flex Machine is a upright pressing machine, with rapid heating and cooling of the special features. LCD cable suitable for products such as hot pressing, bonding.


Mechanic FXV009 0.009mm 200M Superfine Silver Jump Wire For IPhone Fingerprint Button Repair Mainboard Maintenance Silver Fly Line (Jump wire) 0.009mm x 200m For iPhone Fingerprint Repair Mending Flight Line flyline tool 100% Brand new and high quality!


KORAD KA3005D Digital adjustable DC power supply programmable 30V 5A +


DPS-305BM 220V / 110V 4 PS Digital Display Control 30V 5A DC voltage regulated power supply for repairing Lab


Foureo A2201 2 USB Port 2.4A Auto-ID Travel Charger with intelligent charging chip, it can automatically identify charging devices and provide suitable output power.


3.5X-180X Continuous Zoom stereo microscope

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